New at Kamikaze: Glace Dress & Lara Top

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

New at Kamikaze, December 3th.11

Today we have two new items, a delicious dress and a retro grunge top…

1. Kamikaze Glace Dress, in vynil and uber sexy this dress is almost lickable… feel yourself as a real walking temptation…

2. Kamikaze Lara Top: grunge, ripped of with vintage paterns this top is super cute…

We have always two spots for the release, (because sometimes the release will happen at Mainstore and others at JeansStore), the first spot will be at the entrance of the Mainstore, and here the you can buy the item an the regular price, but tranfer,  and the second will be inside one of the stores, at the place where the release will stay…. the 10L item will be always at the second spot…

And for the next 12H ONE item of the new release will cost just 10L!!!

All our items are transfer except the reduced price ones during the 12h…and the dollarbies.

To avoid lag, you can see us in Marketplace:

We hope you enjoy this release, we will have more coming soon.

Kamikaze Management


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